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Rogue Recipes

The following recipes (originally published in The Insatiable Lens Issue 02) are structured in such a way as to help you unleash your own creative genius. We believe that every recipe in existence should be questioned and adapted to the needs of the dish, the season and the final product. It comes down to why you cook the way you cook. So for better or for worse the recipes are vague so that you will help them evolve as well.  – The Rogue Chefs

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Salt Crusted Fish

An ancient dish that is easy to prepare and will wow even the most cynical of your foodie friends.

When I am cooking there are two things that I always try to accomplish in addition to making something that tastes amazing: simple preparation (I’m a busy guy after all) and a great presentation (because I’m a food photographer, duh). Both of these characteristics are married together in one beautiful dish that is sure to impress your guests: Salt Crusted Fish.

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